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Un toit pour la défense des droits humains

by Astrid Murango

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Offrir un toit à la Ligue et la Liga, c'est renforcer la défense des droits fondamentaux au Nord et au Sud du pays. garantir l'indépendance financière de ces associations.
Au coeur de la crise sanitaire, elles ont été sur tous les fronts pour exercer leur rôle de vigilance et dénoncer les abus.
Demain, créer de nouvelles synergies entre les différents acteurs de la défense des droits humains sera plus que jamais nécessaire. C'est l'objectif de ce projet ambitieux .

Aujourd'hui, nous avons besoin de ton soutien pour y parvenir car chaque contribution compte. Alors toi aussi, apporte ta pierre à l'édifice et aide-nous à fonder la Maison des droits Humains!

— Astrid

For more than 100 years, the Ligue des droits humains and the Liga voor Mensenrechten have been fighting against human rights abuses in Belgium. The League exercises a role of counter-power independent of any political party or movement. She actively advocates for everyone's access to fair justice, education, work and a decent life. The League does not see human rights as an end in itself but as a means of transforming social practices for more justice, freedom, equality and solidarity. A recognized association for education, the League raises awareness among society about human rights issues with the aim of emancipation. The League thus intends to allow anyone to pose as a critical and responsible citizen in relation to the challenges of their time.

In January 2020, the Ligue and the Liga decided to buy together a building in Brussels to create the Human Rights House. Located in Molenbeek, this 550m² space will become a place of reference dedicated to the promotion of fundamental rights. A place to strengthen each other and guarantee our independence. A place where a hundred defenders of human rights, employees and volunteers will meet, and where we will be able to organize training and seminars for the general public. The total cost of the House (purchase, costs and fitting-out work) is € 1,150,000. Thanks to our own funds and a bank loan, we have raised €750,000. So we have to find € 400,000 to balance the budget. The House of Human Rights is a unique opportunity to support us, to build together a fairer, more democratic and more united future.

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